Dane i analizy

Dane i analizy

Dane-i-analizy.pl Sp. z o.o. is a company developed by the Jagiellonian University academics.

It focuses mainly on healthcare sector, dealing mostly with data analysis, producing analysis and reports on data presentation and innovation, providing modern solutions for public administration.
The company participated recently in a number of healthcare projects, including “Index of efficiency of health care” prepared for decision makers in public policy.

Key profiles
Marcin Kautsch

Marcin Kautsch M.Sc., Ph.D., a lecturer and researcher at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, the president of the Transition Countries Network and the coordinator of the EcoQUIP and the LCB Healthcare projects in Poland. (Innovative procurement). Marcin has participated in many training, research and consultancy programmes including, among others: Harvard & Jagiellonian Consortium for Health, LdV Project “Developing European Leadership Through Action-learning in Healthcare”, RESHospitals: Towards zero carbon hospitals with renewable energy systems”, “LEPHIE: Leaders for European Public Health project”, and other projects.

Mateusz Lichoń

Mateusz Lichoń has an experience of working on two projects aimed at increasing efficiency in healthcare by innovative solutions, co-funded by European Commission in Poland: EcoQUIP (innovative procurement) and RES Hospitals (renewable energy solutions). He is a PhD student of Jagiellonian Univeristy and a publicist to nationwide newspaper ‘Ogólnopolski Przegląd Medyczny’ (National Medical Review). Mateusz Lichoń worked in many international organizations including American Institute for Foreign Study, European Health Management Association and European Parliament

Krzysztof Gajda

Krzysztof Gajda.the President of the board of Dane-i-analizy.pl sp. z o.o., Academic of the Jagiellonian University for 11 years.

Member of the Polish Committee for Standardization in the scientific committee for ICT use in healthcare He participated in a number of international project: RN4CAST and MPOWER to name the recent ones.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 ICT-35-2014 programme. GA: 644461
Coordinator Contact

Laura Sánchez Alonso

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