University Hospital of Krakow

University Hospital in Krakow is a leading medical centre in Poland with multiple specialisations. The Hospital has long standing traditions and a reputation built by generations of highly trained and skilled physicians. Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive medical care from preventive measures to medical treatment and to rehabilitation.

Our services

At the University Hospital we offer highly specialised health care procedures, both outpatient and inpatient, in a wide range of specialised clinics, departments and consultation units.

We offer our services in:
  • —  27 specialised Clinical Departments with 1300 hospital beds;
  • —  7 diagnostic and treatment units
  • —  Nearly 60 specialised clinics.
About the Hospital

The hospital counts on a workforce of more than 3,900 highly skilled personnel. Every year, nearly 75,000 patients from the whole of Poland are admitted to the hospital while our specialised units offer more than 380,000 consultations to outpatients. We pride ourselves in our advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures offered using unique medical equipment. We aim to offer medical services that satisfy our patients’ expectations and patient surveys have shown that quality of service is our strength. In working towards the good of the patient we want our personnel to build a reputation of both competence and kindness. Full commitment at work is particularly important in these cases when our efforts are the patient’s only chance of getting well.

Key profiles
Kazimierz Cięciak

Currently he works as Senior Specialist at Centre for Commercial Activity and New Projects, previously: Assets Management Department manager, Accounting Department manager, manager of the Inventory Accounting Division, Department of Cost Register expert, manager of the Economic Analyses Department, manager of the Order Completion Department, Deputy President of the Tender Committee. He got his MA completed in the field of Finance and Banking, specialization: Public Finance. He also graduated from postgraduate studies in the field of Health Management. He is a member of Healthcare Non-Medical Staff Association.

Katarzyna Wilk-Kwaskowska

She is currently working in the hospital Centre for Commercial Activity and New Projects and is responsible for supporting EU projects. Previously: Specialist in EU Funds Office Specialist in the Department of ICT Planning and Strategy in University Hospital in Kraków. Her duties involved analysis of modern technologies and solutions used in healthcare, analysis of the effects of the introduction of norms and standards in health informatics and analysis of the law regarding planned legislative. She has a master degree in Public Health and is a graduate of European Integration - European Funding studies and Human Resources Management studies.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 ICT-35-2014 programme. GA: 644461
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