EPP-eHealth Project

The EPP-eHealth project is a coordination and support action aimed at highlighting the importance of a more pro-innovation approach to procurement that is based on pooling the demand of eHealth solutions and encouraging potential suppliers to offer eHealth novel solutions to address healthcare challenges rather than the lowest price for old solution. It also aims to promote the benefits of and best practices in innovation procurement across Europe to encourage public procurement innovative eHealth solutions.

The key components of the project are the:

1. Identification and establishment of a network of eHealth procurement organisations across Europe within the eHealth sector, gathering information about their needs for innovative solutions and awakening their interest in undertaking innovation procurement.
2. Identification of supply-side needs by the healthcare institutions involved in the EPP-eHealth project under six priority areas.

3. Preparation of a PPI strategy for eHealth in consultation with customer and supply side stakeholders to identify the demand-side measures that are needed to enable the healthcare sector to accelerate the development and adoption of 'market-ready' eHealth solutions. It addresses short- to long-term needs in the healthcare sector, summarizing the lessons learnt by the project.
4. Informing eHealth procurers in the design and implementation of a PCP or PPI procurement strategy.

5. Organisation of 4 workshops specifically targeted at raising awareness about PCP and PPI initiatives across Europe and to discuss new ideas and initiatives for EU-wide cooperation, as well as at providing procurers with access to good practice approaches on PCP and PPI.
EPP-eHealth invites other organisations across Europe to Join to the EPP-eHealth network and to lend their support to the broad communication of the Joint Statement of Unmet Needs.

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Furthermore, the EPP-eHealth network is determined to compile other genuine unmet needs to share with healthcare organisations across Europe as basis for future collaboration procurement projects.

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